Wireless AP in pfSense or standalone (was: Hello)

  • Hello everyone.
    I'm glad to be here and learn new things.
    My English is not very good but I guess we will be able to understand each other :)
    I have a question about the wifi.
    Is it better to have a wireless router connected to the pfSense router or configure my own WLAN NIC connected to the pfSense router

  • I use an external access point, you can configure many wireless routers to work in access point mode too.

    Using an external device gives you access to the latest WiFi versions, lets you locate the access point in an optimal location and eliminates the hassle of finding a device that will work internally in your pfSense box and living with it's limitations.

  • Router is a Siemens Gigaset SE 555 WLAN dsl and use it only as an acces point and switch with 4 LAN ports open.
    So, it is better and easier to use the router as an AP which is connected to the pfSense LAN,rather than configure wifi on other NIC in pfsense?
    I wonder which is the better option for security?

  • If you are using the Siemens as your connection to the Internet and want to use the internal router, WiFi and switch then the configuration will become very difficult. Well beyond my abilities to help. If you want to use pfSense you should disable the Siemens router and WiFi so it is only providing your Internet connection to pfSense. I don't know anything about your Siemens so I can't help with doing that.

    What I would do in your situation, and do here is to connect pfSense to the Siemens, let pfSense provide all your networking functions and services and connect a WiFi access point to the pfSense LAN so that your WiFi devices were on the same network as your wired devices and you could use a WiFi device that supports the latest specifications.

  • No.Probably you didn't understand me.
    PfSense catches WAN on another router that is connected to the Internet
    Siemens is behind pfSense and does not play the role of the router but only as an AP and switch.

  • @McSense:

    Siemens is behind pfSense and does not play the role of the router but only as an AP and switch.

    Yes, that should work for you.

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