Interrupt Storm Detected on IRQ267

  • Hi,

    I have a PFSense box connected to 5 Switches (one for servers, one for phones, one for cameras, and 2 for workstations). Whenever I plug any of the workstations switches (SGE2010) to the servers switch (SGE2010P), which is connected to the PFSense box, I get an error message "Interrupt Storm Detected on IRQ267" and the PFSense goes offline.

    Any idea what I should do? Which logs should I look?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • I'm guessing that the high interrupt rate is because of a high packet rate.  You can probably confirm that with an RRD graph.

    When your first connect the switches together they have to learn which mac addrs are on which ports.  When they have to forward a packet and don't know which port the traffic belongs to then the switch will flood the packet to all ports (or all ports in that vlan).  That kind of storm should subside pretty quickly as the switch learns.  I have seen instances where I've had to clear the mac address table in both switches.

    If by connecting those switches together you have also created a loop in your network then you may need to run spanning tree on your switches.

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