VPN BONDING Solution Need

  • Hello everyone.

    Ι need a solution about my network.

    I have install in Virtual the PFSENSE latest edition.

    I have 1 LAN and 2 WAN IF,

    WAN GTW=
    WAN2 GTW =

    I have rent a server with Mikrotik for PPTP-L2TP server.

    I want to do a PPTP vpn from PFSENSE from every WAN IF to my rent server and bonding the traffic from there because if i use it in local i change my IP a lot of times and it's not very good for my clients.

    How to make pfsense to make PPTP or L2TP vpn from every IF to rent server with ip and pass the traffic from there?

    this is VPN Bonding,,,, any solution?

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