No DNS from DMZ

  • I've set up pfSense on an ESXi machine and added a DMZ as described in this article:

    I've also set up a DMZ configuration as described here:

    The only difference is that I haven't followed the last step (since I don't want the DMZ network to talk to my internal DNS and instead go out to Google's DNS servers @, which are set up as the default DNS servers for my pfSense installation) . I couldn't get the DMZ machines to talk to the internet at all until I added a a Firewall NAT rule to allow all traffic from the network (my DMZ network) to the "any" network (I'm not sure if for security purposes I should have made that rule into the "not LAN" rule in the NAT list). I've also set up a DHCP server on the DMZ network that gives all the machines all the default options and the interface IP ( as the Gateway. I'm thinking to just remove the DHCP all together since I will only have a handful of machines on that network.

    I can ping the DMZ net from the LAN net but not vice-versa, even though it looks like the machines on the DMZ network understand my internal DNS (if I type "ping <hostname on="" internal="" network="">" the DMZ machine can't ping it but it recognizes the IP address). From the DMZ, I can ping the Google DNS servers, but not go to any website (like

    Have I missed something when setting up the rules?</hostname>

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