Block traffic from PPTP Clients to all LAN adresses but one…

  • Hi all,

    Here is my issue:
    I wan't to block all traffic from my PPTP Clients to all LAN adresses except one

    My Setup:

    Server adress:
    Remote address range: (+80 adresses)


    and I wan't a firewall rule to permit traffic from any of these adresses only to

    How can I create firewall rule(s) to do accomplish this?

  • Ok, so I solved that by making a Alias for my PPTP Server adress ( and the IP adress:
    and making one single permit rule for any traffic to these from PPTP Clients.

    But this resulted in that I loose all internet connectivity on my client.
    I do not want clients to access internet through the PPTP but the clients should use their normal connection for that

    But if I (in windows) unclick the "use default gateway on remote network", under PPTP connection –> network IPv4 Properties --> Advanced, the client cannot connect to or anymore.

    Is there some way to solve this?

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