Trying to setup communication between 2 subnets

  • Hi all, first time poster so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.

    I am running a few VMs for an Active Directory lab and need to get them to communicate with each other to simulate different sites. My current setup is this:

    pfSense VM 1:

    WAN link = (my home network subnet)
    LAN link = (my internal LAN that assigns IPs to my test virtual machines)

    pfSense VM 2:

    WAN link = (also on my home network)
    LAN link = (internal LAN that assigns IPs to a different set of VMs)

    I need to setup communication between these 2 pfsense machines so that I can closely simulate a real environment with one site on another subnet than the main site. What is the easiest way to go about doing this? Thanks very much in advance.

  • If you want to simulate having servers available on what looks like the outside "public" internet, then just port forward from the WAN IP on each VM into the server/s. Then add some host overrides in DNS to specify names that point to the WAN IP where the server sits behind. Then you can access the "remote" server by name, which goes to the WAN IP and is forwarded in to the test server.
    If you want to test a private site-to-site VPN, then simply setup an OpenVPN site-to-site link with OpenVPN server listening on WAN1 and OpenVPN client coming from WAN2 - pick some private IP tunnel network for the VPN hop. Put a pass rule on WAN1 to let the client in to the port the OpenVPN server is listening on… Then traffic can flow back and forth as if between offices.

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