OpenVPN bad pings + time outs & high latency

  • Hi,

    I have setup pfsense in my office and wish to be able to connect from my laptop on the go using windows and from my windows desktop at home.

    I can connect fine however when I ping hosts on my LAN subnet the ping times are terrible, they seem to spike to most websites on the internet i get around 30ms or less in the country on average i get 50 - 70ms and it spikes to 1000+ ms on the VPN.

    In the past we had used a draytek and pptp which worked fine and ping time where good around 25ms (we are all on the same ISP as well).

    I have attached a screen shot from my remote desktop at home pinging IP addresses on my work LAN subnet via VPN.

    I have also tried pfsense on 3 different machines so it is most likely not hardware related.

    The version of Pfsenses I am using is RC2 and I installed via the livecd to a 200GB SATA HD, the current machine is a pentium4 with 1gb of ram.

    Any ideas welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Humm, today I gave up and installed IPCOP. OpenVPN works fine on IPCOP and has been solid so far, any ideas on what could be causing this with pfsense?

    It is obviously not hardware.


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