Firewall optimization: conservative

  • Hi all,
    i've some problem with voip and in order to resolve it i'm trying to do this:
    But my english is not so good enough to completely understand the mean of this:

    2. Set Conservative state table optimization - pf's default UDP timeouts are too low for some VoIP services. If your phones mostly work, but randomly disconnect, set "Firewall Optimization Options" to Conservative under System -> Advanced. Note this only works on 1.2.3-RC1 and newer as pf itself never increases UDP timeouts, our code changed to do this.

    So, in pfsense 2.1 if i set "Conservative", the UDP timeouts are increased?!

    Thanks in advance for your reply :)

    PS. My voip problem is that: phone are correctly registered, but when i call from external phone i cannot hear audio and after few seconds the call drop out.

    udp PBX sip ip:5060 <- CISCO phone adapter:5060 MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE
    udp CISCO phone adapter:5060 -> PBX sip ip:5060 MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE
    udp PBX sip ip:5060 <- CISCO phone adapter:5061 MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE
    udp CISCO phone adapter:5061 -> PBX sip ip:5060 MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE
    udp CISCO phone adapter:16436 <- PBX sip ip:10654 NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE
    udp PBX sip ip:10654 -> PUBLIC_IP:39203 -> CISCO phone adapter:16436 SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC
    udp CISCO phone adapter:16437 <- PBX sip ip:10655 NO_TRAFFIC:SINGLE
    udp PBX sip ip:10655 -> PUBLIC_IP:46085 -> CISCO phone adapter:16437 SINGLE:NO_TRAFFIC

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, if you set to conservative, the UDP timeouts increase.

    You can see the current timeouts on your system at Diagnostics > pfInfo

  • thanks for your reply :)