Port 5050 blocked by pfSense with any rule active

  • Hello,
    I have a problem with my pfSense firewall.

    I have recently installed Couchpotato for automatically download of movies, but I cannot acces the web GUI over (standard) port 5050, my browser (Chrome) is loading forever, if I try to load the site from a server that is on the same network as CouchPotato the web GUI is loading fine!
    If I try to load the site over an OpenVPN connection, there are also no problems, all is here working fine!

    My CouchPotato server is in a DMZ network:
    my PC (which doesn't loads de GUI) is in a LAN network:
    my server (which loads de GUI correctly) is in a DMZ network:
    OpenVPN (which loads de GUI correctly) network:

    between LAN AND DMZ network there is for testing a ANY ANY rule active.

    Does someone know how I can fix this problem?

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