New hardware but pfsense wont install

  • hallo all,

    my old pc where i was running pfsense on died last week so i bought new hardware and tryed to install pfsense again but it is not seeing my network cards.

    i searched a lot on the internet and it looks like its somting to do with the support of drivers. so i thought lets try to install esxi and run it on that again that did fail because my cpu is not supporting vt-d.

    anyone got a idea how i can pfsense working on my new pc

    cpu: intel Pentium g3220
    motherboard: Gigabyte H87N WiFi

    i hope someone got a solution for me how to get my network backup running (but i am afraid nobody got a solution for me)

  • Netgate Administrator

    You have this motherboard?:

    Looks like it has Intel and Atheros NICs. Trying to find which ones….

    Edit: Ok, looks like the Intel NIC is probably an i21* (maybe an i217v). You will need newer drivers than those that shipped with 2.1. If you are running 64bit there is one here:,66804.msg383887.html#msg383887


  • yep the intel is the i217-v

    the arthos chip is 1 of those AR813x AR815x AR816x 817x

    and the wireless chip i dont know yet.

    so if i find drivers of the arthos chip that are working with freebsd i can ad them the same way as the intel driver right?

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you compile a working kernel module against FreeBSD 8.3 then the procedure for adding it would be the same yes.
    I'm going to suggest it's not an AR813x or AR815x since those should be supported by the alc(4) driver in FreeBSD 8.3.


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