Video won't play under pfsense

  • Hi Guys,

    I have an issue with my pfsense setup, if i use the proxy on my Laptop with the wireless as means of communication there is no problem playing videos on youtube,
    the problem is that when i use my android tablets then connect to the wifi the videos will not play it is also setup with proxy. but if i remove the proxy settings it plays without issue.
    Please help me with this…
    i would really appreciate if someone can shed some light with my issue.

    Is there anything i can setup under the "Rules" to make it work?

  • can someone help me with my issue? i need it badly. thanks

  • I think everyone needs more details.  Are you noticing blocked packets on the LAN interface in your firewall logs, originating from your Android clients?

    Otherwise it seems like the issue is the proxy settings on the Android clients and nothing to do with pfSense.

  • I'm sorry i am new to this application and not that knowledgeable about firewall.
    I have checked the logs and there seems to be no blocked pockets.
    Can you give me some pointers on what do i need to check or should i double check on my configurations?
    or factors that affect for the video not to play with androids using proxy?

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