Voip / SIP Cloud

  • Dear all,

    i have worked on an very exciting project about implementing an Voip/Sip Cloud-Structure with pfSense as a Router driven by VMWare ESXi. So our goal is to provide about 4-5 PBX-Instances (3CX in Background). What i have done is basically pretty simple:

    • QoS (Queue based) -> Always prefering the SIP/RTP-Traffic (TCP / UDP)
    • Firewall-Mode is conservative
    • Firewall Maximum States is 905000, Firewall Maximum Tables is 9000 and Firewall Maximum Table Entries is 600000
    • Disable hardware checksum offload, Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload and Disable hardware large receive offload is disabled
    • pfSense has 4 GB RAM,  i7-377 @ 3.40 GhZ, Out- and InBound-NAT (i had no need to disable port-rewriting with my SIP-Trunk…)

    Everything works like a charm and i had no issues till now. But who know's what will happen after starting productive use...

    So what i want to ask you is if you may have some useful advices / technical details i should care about or i should change maybe because you have already made some experience like this.

    So i would be realy happy if you could share something with me!

    Kind regards

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