Site-site no ping

  • I am looking at the right solution to my problem.
    I use OpenVpn with shared key.
    I'm running 1.2 RC3.
    I Implementing a load-balancing on lan A

    LAN A

      Pfsense (Openvpn Server)
      |c                                                      |x
      modem in router mode        modem in router mode
      |d  dynamic dyndns                              |y  dynamic dyndns

    Internet  Internet

    |e  dynamic dyndns
      modem in router mode
      Pfsense client
      Lan B


    run: PF1.2-RC3

    ping from:
    a to h no working
    Pfsense shell working


  • what does not work?
    you need to specify a "little" more information.
    subnets, routing table, config files, log output….

  • Sorry!!!!
    tun1 is
    tun2 is

    all ok


  • ooookee…..
    Without any information (and you provided next to nothing in your last post) i wont be able to help you.

    But as a prelimary nogo: using different subnets on the same tunnel is bad.

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