Boot hangs at md0.uzip

  • Hi,

    I have been unsuccessfully trying to boot pfsense for 2 hours now.
    I tried different hardware, memory sticks, usb-ports etc.
    The machine I want to install pfsense on is currently running IPFire fine, but when booting from usb-stick (with option 3) it always stops at

    md0.uzip: xxxx x xxxxx blocks
    ```(idk the correct block numbers)
    It's just like this thread,55217.msg295256.html#msg295256
    But the solutions there didn't do anything.
    Pressing CTRL+T doesn't do anything at any time during boot.
    I've waited ~20 minutes on the different machines etc. nothing happens.
    I'm really stranded here. I have no idea why this happens and the only Thread I want is the one I linked above.
    Any help would be appreciated…

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