PfBlocker not cleaning up removed lists (tables)

  • I created some lists in pfBlocker, after removing them and renaming the old tables are still there. There is no way of deleting them.
    How can I delete them manually?

  • Fixed it myself by adding a new list in pfBlocker like this:

    Create a new list in pfBlocker with the exact same name as the orphan table (see under Diagnostics -> Table).
    Filled in an existing url and 1 hour update, deny inbound
    Waited until the table was full in Diagnostics -> Tables
    Went back to pfBlocker
    Selected the newly created list and selected "Disabled"
    Checked in Diagnostics -> Tables (table has been deleted!)
    Finally deleted the list in pfBlocker.
    And now the orphaned table is gone!  ;D

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