IPTables Conversion

  • Hi All,
    I have recently joined a company and have been tasked with coverting their iptables firewall to PFSense.

    I am looking for a bit of help with coverting this over…eth0 and eth1 have the same IP address on our firewall, with different subnet masks.

    eth0 is physically connected directly to a cable modem, whereas eth1 is the interface for the DMZ which has

    INET_IP='x.x.x.1' <------, public IP

    DMZ_IP="x.x.x.1"  <-----, public IP

    This rule allows traffic to the internet


    Can I replicate this setup in PFSense? I have tried adding these addresses to WAN and OPT1, but PFSense complains that the address is in use by another interface.

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