PfSense vs Draytek Vigor 3300V

  • How does pfSense compare to a multi-WAN router like the Draytek Vigor3300V ?

    The Vigor 3300V has load balancing for 4 WAN ports, IPsec, etc… and the VoIP options are a nice bonus.

    But what about features?
    Are there important things that pfSense has but the 3300V doesn't?
    (or the other way around)

    My main interests are:

    1. Best possible QoS for VoIP-over-IP telephony
    2. Load balancing / Failover for 4 WAN links (1 cable + 3 DSL)
    3. Redundant setup with 2 routers
    4. IPSec Connection to a bunch of Windows 2003/2008 servers hosted at a remote site


  • Why dont you take a look at the feature list and compare them?

    You could post the differences/advantages here.

  • I just updated my message to list the most important things that I'm looking for.
    Just by looking at the feature list they both look good, so I am looking for some advice from people who have experience with these features or possibly with the Draytek device itself…

    Thanks again.

  • If they both look good pick the cheaper one…
    Seriously though pfsense is work in progress and some features work better than other so I recommend you try and see for yourself if it fits your needs.  Regarding your inquiry, IIRC, pfsense will not do QOS and load balance at the same time.

  • Can anybody please confirm whether it is indeed impossible to combine QoS and load balancing with pfSense?

  • Really. Read the forum.
    There are lot's of posts about this one. (no it's not possible)

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