Bounty board rules and guidelines - READ FIRST BEFORE STARTING A BOUNTY

  • Here you can start a thread requesting a specific feature for a given amount of money. If you don't have a price in mind or aren't sure of the level of effort required for your desired feature, you can make a post without a specific price. Typically bounties are posted in US Dollars, but you can post in any currency you desire. Please be specific about the functionality you desire.

    Multiple people are welcome and encouraged to contribute additional funds to any bounty by posting a reply with the additional amount pledged.

    For major development projects, we recommend using BSD Perimeter Development Services.

    Funds collection
    The means and timing of funds collection will vary from one bounty to another. Some developers may require the funds be submitted to the general pfSense donation fund prior to completing the work, if those offering are willing. In that case, I act as the escrow between the originator and the developer performing the work.   If the bounty is abandoned the developer agrees that the money will be refunded in full.   Due to many issues of folks being paid in a timely manner or not being paid at all, we now require the money up front.  Using either the pfSense escrow or paying the developer directly.  We apologize for needing to make this change but a couple of bad apples have ruined it for everyone.

    Who may claim a bounty?
    pfSense developers (those with CVS commit rights) receive right of refusal on all bounties. If you are not a developer and would like to complete one of the bounties, just email with the project you wish to complete. If no one else is already working on the bounty, we will let anyone fulfill them.

    Bounty Expiration
    Bounties that have gone more than three months without a post from the originator will be moved to the expired bounties board. If you wish to keep your bounty active past that time, please post a reply to your thread that you are still interested in fulfilling the bounty.

    Last edited, new policy of requiring money up front.  Sorry but we have been burned too many times now.