Routing destination IP through a specific wan

  • Hello All,

    I have a 4 WAN pfsense setup (load balancing mode between 4 VDSL connections) and there are some services and sites that will log you out if your ip keeps changing, so I need to create a rule for these destinations to go through a specific WAN for example OPT1 to make sure any device on the network request this site or service will always go through this WAN and the user will not keep logging in again

    The services I want to route through a specific WAN are and

    Can someone show me a set by step guide to this

  • You are already almost there.
    a) Make an Alias for each name. pfSense will find the associated IP address/es for you.
    b) You probably want some failover for access to these sites if OPT1 is down - System->Routing->Groups, make a Gateway Group with OPT1 Tier 1, OPT2 Tier 2 etc.
    b) Use the alias as destination in the pass rule on LAN, and pick the gateway group in the Advanced Gateway.

    Then access to the given site will be locked to OPT1, and if OPT1 goes down it will be locked to OPT2…

  • Thanks a lot

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