• I've used PFsense once before for a VPN installation, but I wanted to try a different use. I'm enough of a newb here that I will probably make myself look really dumb more than once, but I am in Haiti and I have no colleagues here with more experience or training than me ton talk to about this, so I thought I'd try the forums for some advice.

    I live in a border town called Ouanaminthe, Haiti, on the other side of the border is DaJabon, Dominican Republic. To keep this brief, there is no broadband here in ouanaminthe, but there is just on the other side of the border, so everyone uses wifi antennas to send signals over the border from DaJbon, DR. We have a. Hospital here where we'd like to be able to do multiple videoconferences at once when needed. They are currently receiving their internet connection from a service provider who sends over hundreds of signals from one antenna, so there is a lot of competition and the signal often crawls and goes out completely. So my solution is to try and built our own system. I thought it might be a great time to get to use pfsense again. I'm looking for hardware recommendations as well as installation recommendations. I've never built a system for this purpose, so if any of you have, I'd love to know what you did.

    I want to power this thing up a lot, but I also would like for parts to be relatively easy to find, because there aren't many great hardware stores down here.

    Please ask questions if you have them, I appreciate any assistance anyone is willing to give! If there is already a post regarding this issue, I apologize, please direct me to it. Thank you so much!

  • What's your plan to get bandwidth on the other side? Guessing you're looking to put a box in on the DR side, and connect that via radio to a box on the Haiti side? How much bandwidth you looking to get?

  • I'm going to get the most available, but I'm not sure yet what that is. I've been trying to find different options. My goal is to have equipment that can handle a high amount of bandwidth, even if it's not available, so that when it becomes available, we can just connect a better connection.

    Everyone is interested in building the best possible arrangement, within reason of course.

    Thank you for your response!