Printers inside the router, computer outside

  • I'm looking for a way to allow computers connected to my WiFi print to printers on the inside of the router.  At this point the only printer available to the WiFi is the one that is on the WiFi.  I have several network printers inside the router and not one of them can be accessed from the WiFi.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Give us more information about your setup - what interfaces you have with what subnets and rules.
    I am guessing that you have LAN with wired devices, WAN to the internet and OPT1 with a WiFi AP attached.
    On OPT1 you need rule/s to pass traffic source OPT1net destination LANnet.
    The network printers need to have a default gateway set (in the printer) of pfSense LANaddress, so they can route back to OPT1net.
    You won't be able to just browse for printers from OPT1net - you will have to use the actual printer IP address, or have names for the printers defined in a DNS somewhere (e.g. host overrides in pfSense DNS Forwarder) and use those names to get to them.

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    Yes please provide more details - from your use of term of outside router, I assume its on the WAN side?  Did you mean just another segment on your network on the private side of pfsense?

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