ISD / IPS / AV Transparent between IPS modem and inside router

  • Dear all,

    My first post here.

    i would like a box for snort(ids / ips), havp protection, web content filtering.

    the setup will be like

    modem lan  -> pfsense - > Edgerouter Lite
    I have read that your bridge wan/lan and opt1 will have ip address for management of pfsense.

    Can somebody give me some guidelines what i can do?

    i would like notification if an attack occurs and off course block the attack in the pfsense firewall.
    my open server will run on the edgerouter.

    i like the edgerouter lite. but no ids and stuff like that.

    Please tell me which pfsense features i can use in transparent firewall mode.

    Calvin thanks

  • pfsense forum guru's?

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