Only first user is requested to login through CP, others go directly to Internet

  • hello
    I have a problem with my Captive Portal.
    I configured it and enabled and it works but only er for the first user that is introduced ti my Access Point. After that everybody is connected directly to Internet.
    If login expired for the first user, it recquires credentials again only for first user that is present on network even if that same user used connection before without password and username.


  • As much as i understand my pfsense sees my AP as a user and when it connects it allows every other user that goes through it to connect to internet without CP login page.

  • your AP is actually a router and you are connecting pf-LAN to ap-WAN ?

    if the above is true: reconfigure the AP to not send out dhcp and connect pf-LAN to one of the ap-LAN ports.

    in all other cases, we'd need more info on your setup

  • Ok
    i tried that and it is working now….
    THANK you
    but other question now
    i cannot access my AP now, i do not know what adress it hase
    i've tried ipconfi/all as before but can not obtain it

  • SOLVED problem

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