Diffirent dns server

  • Hi. i want to use pfsense 2.1 with captive portal. if i don't use pfsense lan interface in clients network settings for dns, the system never redirect to captive portal page. how can i use diffirent dns in captive portal.(i use windows 2012 server for dns)
    i read this document but i don't understand. (DNS resolution not functioning - the clients on the captive portal interface must either be using the DNS forwarder on pfSense, on the IP of the interface where the client resides (which is the default configuration), or if using some other IP for DNS, it must be an allowed IP entry. If DNS fails, the browser never issues the HTTP request, hence it cannot be intercepted and redirected.) 
    can you help me?

    Thank you

  • You need to put the two DNS ip's in the "allowed IP" section in the captive portal.

    I also found that I had to add www.apple.com into "allowed hostname" to get iPhones/pads through the captive portal. (Only when using a different DNS)

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