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  • I am trying to setup a wireless network for guest only. I have been searching around the web and here with someone saying this and that and really not going anywhere to what I want.

    I have after several tries, implemented a network with a different IP network address from my own private network. Got the wireless PCI-Express card and works great.

    The thing is, I would like the Guest to only access the internet and NOT the private network. Under Rules I have setup a rule that is any to any. This is where I need help.

    Can someone tell me exactly what rule or rules to create so any guest user will not have access to any private LAN resources except the internet.

    I am attaching a screenshot of the current rules for the wireless.

  • Rebel Alliance

    Maybe with something like this ;)

  • Great !!!

    So easy …. :-[

    Thanks for your help !

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