Huge speed increase

  • I was using an Asus RT-AC66U as a router (it's now just an access point).  The highest internet bandwith I ever got on speed tests was 35mb

    I just setup my new pfsense box (  with 4gb ram and 320gb hd).  I'm now getting 60+

    I was hoping for an increase, but this is stunning (and without the benefits of squid and dns caching)

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    That doesn't make a lot sense since I see that router should be able to push 800mbps wan to lan

  • mike, I like it so much that I already got a Gold Subscription

    john, I agree, but I can't think of anything else that changed (unless it's on the ISP side, which is possible)

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    when you changed the mac connected to your modem, did you get a IP in a different address space?  Was the connection from  your modem to your old router shitty?  Half duplex or something.  Now you got a nice clean gig connection?

    Everything I see on that router is is quite capable of pushing more than 60Mbps wan to lan, so its odd that you were only seeing 25.  Did you reboot your modem and maybe get put on a different speed tier?  What is your internet suppose to be from your ISP?

  • It must be something like that.    I do think it was the first time in a while that the modem had been rebooted.  I have Charter and they've been advertising an upgrade from 30 to 60 (but for weeks, if not months before I went with pfsense)

    I wish I knew for sure, but it's a lot better than suddenly slower.

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    Normally on a cable modem upgrade with a new speed tier a reboot of the modem grabs the new configuration file with your new speed limits.  I know when they sent out instructions when comcast updated their speed tiers they clearly stated make sure you reboot your modem.  I still have the email from Apr of last year

    Did you not get something like then when they boosted the speed?

    That would explain your sudden increase - don't get me wrong pfsense is always the best choice ;)  But with your old router clearly being able to handle way more than 30mbps something else had to be going on..

  • If they sent anything, I missed it – but that does seem like the most likely explanation, doesn't it?

    I could put the Asus back as the router to see what happens, but the new setup is working so well I don't want to touch it.

    I still want to credit pfsense with part of the increase ;)

  • Marketer?


  • Me?

    I'm just someone who finally tried pfsense and my speed doubled the first time I booted it (although John is right that it was mostly an ISP upgrade – which didn't occur to me initially).

    I feel kind of dumb about it now, but I was really excited.

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    No reason not to be excited about pfsense, you're going to love using it!!

  • When my ISP first bought the cable system Im on it was not uncommon that a specific gateway was way overcrowded and yet others hardly used. One could change their MAC address and suddenly be getting the speeds they where actually paying for.  In the years since they have learned to balance things out much better.

    I do like the theory that a reboot of your cable modem has brought you new updated speeds for your carrier.

    Welcome and enjoy!  :)

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    "it was not uncommon that a specific gateway was way overcrowded "

    Exactly why I asked if his address space had changed - I have seen this sort of issue as well, where if you were on different address space you were fine, get unlucky and get other and speeds were crap ;)

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