Error in communication between interfaces

  • Hello
    Please, forgive me for my bad english.
    I'm trying to do the computers on DMZ network connect the computers on SEC network. However, I'm not having success.
    LAN network to SEC network works perfectly.
    I believe that my rules are correct. Can confirm?

    My interfaces:

    -> Below are pictures to illustrate


    DMZ Rules

    SEC Rules

    LAN Rules

    PING (from

  • What's your netstat -rn output?

  • Destino        Roteador        MáscaraGen.    Opções  MSS Janela  irtt Iface        UG        0 0          0 eth0    U        0 0          0 eth0

  • Are you able to ping from a SEC device to a DMZ device? What about from the DMZ interface to the SEC network (within pfSense in Diagnostics -> Ping)?

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