Cannot get to some websites with chrome/firefox IE is ok

  • I setup pfsense to be a transparent firewall using this guide:

    This has worked well but I have had some people complain about not being able to access craigslist with chrome or firefox (IE seems to be ok)

    If I drop to a command prompt and issue a pfctl -d, everything is fine. I added rules to LAN WAN BRIDGE and even floating to allow all traffic to anywhere with any protocol and nothing allows this traffic to pass except of course disabling the firewall as mentioned. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I am stuck.

    Also the offending websites do not show up in the system/firewall logs. I have also followed (by packet capture the traffic going through the LAN and WAN on the way out and WAN on the way back in but never showing up on the LAN inteface coming back in.


  • I have no experience with this mode, but I know that blocked traffic will show up in the Firewall log. You can check this log to see what rule is blocking. There is the possibility of a "grey" area where there is a bad interaction, but most of the time if something is not making it past the firewall, it's because of a rule.

  • I am assuming you didn't read my post.

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