HP BL460c G6 NC532i

  • hi,

    Hopefully someone can help me :)

    I have a HP BL460C G6 which has dual embedded NC532i 10Gb Ethernet. I believe these are based on the Broadcom chipset. Is there now a FreeBSD driver available and if so is it fairly straightforward for me to install into PFSense?

    there are a few posts I found in relation to NAS4Free which is based on FreeBSD and there is some mention of a newer if_bge.ko which can be loaded but not sure if the same principle applies to PFSense's version of FreeBSD.

    thanks in advance.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it doesn't work on 2.1.x, then you'll probably have to wait for 2.2.

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