PfSense as VMWARE Internet VPN Server

  • Apologies if this is the wrong forum to post in.

    I am looking to replace a server 2003 machine which is a virtual machine on a hosted dedicated server with pfSense to use as a VPN Server.

    I have two public internet IPs available to me and full control over the virtual machine so I can add either one or two virtual network adapters.

    pfSense won't do much else other than be a VPN server but I was not sure what the best approach would be to set it up. The WAN connection does not seem like it would be an issue but I was not sure how to setup the LAN side as this will pretty much just be a dummy setup for the remote VPN clients and won't have any other machines or devices connected to it.

    To be clear the purpose of the VPN server will be for remote clients to access the internet from a public IP on the hosted server rather than access a remote local  network. Much like a VPN service you purchase but in my case I have the resources available to host it myself.

    So what would be the simplest way to accomplish this?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Ignore my post. I got it done without issue.


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