WAN site access to Internet through LOCAL pfsense?

  • Hi guys I have a remote site connected via our service providers WAN service which I am wanting to give access to our internet through. The remote site IP range is and I am using a OpenWRT wifi access point with IP of, gateway of and DNS of

    The providers routers (cisco which I do not have access to configure) are and for connecting our branches. Our Local internet router is and is running pfsense.

    Somehow I need traffic from devices connected via wifi to the to route through to and then onto the internet. From the router web interface I can ping through to the network fine yet when I try to ping any website address it gets as far as then stops. It does resolve the DNs to IP Address correctly though from (pfsense).

    I tried adding static routes to the OpenWRT as follows:

    • dest: gateway:
    • dest: gateway:

    I hope that made some sense and someone can give me a few ideas. Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone? Still trying to figure this one out. Thanks.

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