Can a penalty box be manually added to existing shaper setup

  • I have traffic shaping implemented on the latest release.  Got a high-use download I would like to bandwidth limit.  Is there a way to add a penalty box after the fact without the wizard?  Or is there a way to use the wizard to enable the penalty box without modifying or removing any existing floating rules?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If your existing rules were made by the wizard, running the same wizard again will have remembered your old settings and you can leave things as they were except for the new settings you want.

    It's possible to add your own queues and such but not as easy as using the wizard.

    You could also cut the user's bandwidth using a pair of limiters rather than altering your existing shaper setup.

  • Thanks Jimp for the suggestions.  I like the idea of using a limiter.  Enabling I had to filter at remote syslog a repeating error "…Bump sched buckets..."  The traffic has not yet returned so I can't say if it works yet.  I may have to set a rule and test with my own PC to make sure it's working correctly.

    This is my first attempt at throttling download, always upload, how does the modem not fill it's buffer when the downstream router is throttling with a limiter?  Or does the limiter drop packets, as a throttle method, so the modem buffer can't fill?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The limiter will drop packets, when one side or the other doesn't ACK them they will back off and send slower. It's a little trickier with UDP but it still works similarly. It will only send the traffic out to the client at the rate given, so eventually the other side will lay off, unless it's completely illegitimate DDoS type traffic that's flooding and will consume the bandwidth no matter what you do.

  • Thanks Jimp.  Thought it had to work as you describe.  I want to ensure I'm not undermining my shaping efforts with a limiter.

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