Generating Rulesets through CLI

  • Hello,

    First i'd like to thanks the whole team behind Pfsense, we've started using it recently and have been quite happy with it.

    Now to the question itself :

    I need to be able to easily add specifics sets of rules to the firewall on some interconnection networks. I don't want to get too much into the details but the FW is going to manage interconnections between our network and an interconnection subnet from our customer through which specifics appliances ports needs to be open, everything else will be dropped.

    Since we have quite a few rules to create we'd like to speed the process by using scripts to generate the rulesets and then push it on the firewall.

    I know there's the command easyrule that allow you to add rules to the FW but i got several issue with it :

    • I don't think i can remove rules with it
    • I don't think i can modify the comment (when i generate a rule through easyrule the comment is generated automatically : "Easy Rule: Passed from Firewall Log View"
    • I don't seems to be able to set a priority to said rules with the tool.

    Are there any other way to add rules through the CLI that would give me more options to toy with them ?
    The other way i've figured would be to load the current config, add the ruleset in it and then uploading it again.

    I did some basic search on the web and pretty much everything turned to be either through the WebGui or the easyrule command.

    Thanks for your time,

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