How to disable Squid3 service?

  • I stopped Squid3 service but it restarts automagically. How to disable Squid3 service?

  • When I stop squid using the (stop) button it stops and does not automagically start again 'till I tell it to.

    When does it automagically start again? on pfSense reboot?
    I suggest as a temporary work around to remove the package, it will remember your settings, then re-install it when you need it again.

    Is it really stopped, is the PID file gone from /var/run/?

  • Thank you for your help.

    When I stop Squid service it just restarts and the pid in /var/run/ changes. Will remove and re-install as a work around but it is not as convenient.

  • IIRC, If you do not select any interface to listen, it will disable the service.

  • That's the ticket, do not bind to any interface to disable Squid service. Need to hold the ctrl key to toggle select and de-select.

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