HAPROXY Connection limit

  • I have a haproxy setup on centos 6.4 and now i have to test it with maximum number of supported connections by it,

    When i increase the maxconn in HAProxy it gives the following errror,

    Starting haproxy: [WARNING] 121/130735 (21932) : [/usr/sbin/haproxy.main()] Cannot raise FD limit to 134529346.
    [WARNING] 121/130735 (21932) : [/usr/sbin/haproxy.main()] FD limit (1024) too low for maxconn=67264666/maxsock=134529346. Please raise 'ulimit-n' to 134529346 or more to avoid any trouble.
    [ALERT] 121/130735 (21932) : [/usr/sbin/haproxy.main()] Cannot fork.

    and when i try to increase the ulimit to 2 million or more then i m not able to login that centos machine.

    how we can achieve this, to maximize the ulimit and maxconn more than million or billion ?


  • Seems you have found the wrong forum? pfSense which is based on FreeBSD has nothing to do with CentOS ?
    You should probably try the haproxy mailing-list for this question, maybe one of the core developers present on that list can help you further: haproxy@formilux.org

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