OSPF distribute WAN IP

  • 2.1.2-RELEASE (amd64)
    Quagga OSPF v0.6.1

    I'm an OSPF noob, using the Quagga OSPF package to distribute attached routes between three routers. The routers are arranged thus:


    So routers A and C (both pfsense) both have directly attached internet access and a public IP address on their WAN. OSPF route distribution works as expected between all three routers, however the WAN IP addresses of routers A and C do not get distributed. In other words, the WAN IP addresses of these two routers are as follows.

    Router A WAN: x.x.224.55
    Router C WAN: y.y.188.8

    If I am on router A's LAN subnet and I traceroute y.y.188.8, the packet is routed via router A's WAN and across the internet. My preference would be to have traffic this traffic routed internally via router B. Likewise, if a host connected to router C tries to reach x.x.224.55, I would prefer it have that connection routed internally via router B, which it presently does not, because that specific IP address is not in the routing table and so is sent via the default route.

    I know I could accomplish this with a static route on each of routers A and C, with the destination address of the other router reachable via router B, but I'm wondering if there is a supported way of accomplishing this with OSPF.

    Can anybody offer any insight on this?

  • what does "Redistribute default route" that accomplish ? (don't shoot me if something bad happens). "redistribute kernel", would probably also redistribut the wan address … along with everything else (possibly unwanted)

    you could just enter the ip of the WAN-address in the "subnet to route" fields at the bottom. This would only be useful when dealing with static address'

  • I have only two pfsense routers so don't know if this will work.

    under Services>Quagga OSPFd> Interface Settings
    I have added the wan interface and set it to passive so my updates are not sent over the internet.

    My other router was able to get a route to that network.

  • I'm also struggling with OSPF. A proper "HowTo Guite" on Quagga would be nice to read.
    I have experience with OSPF on cisco but seem not to be able to get it proper configured on pfSense.
    If you have info or links, please share them.

    I try to connect my Cisco Homelab to have internet access.
    The lab can ping every host in my local network and on other site-2-site-vpn network witch also runs ospf.

    My ISP IP is present in the routing table but I think a ping request can not "leave" the pfsense-box.
    So I think there is no NAT going on between the pfsense-box and the ospf-network.

    If anyone has suggestions.. please let me know. Thanks!


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