Access Point

  • Hi!

    I tried two different AP's (D-Link DAP-2553 and TL-Link TL-WA901N). Both with big problems - bad transfer rate, ongoing break-offs …. I tried everthing, different places, cables, AP-configuration, but nothing helps.

    Now, I want to buy a new working AP. I selected the following AP's (both support ac-standard):

    Apple ME918Z/A AirPort Extreme
    Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC

    Have anyone experience with this AP's in combination with pfSense? Or can you recomand an other equipment?

    My configuration:

    Router:  Lanner FW-7541 with pfSense 2.3.1
    Switch:  TP-Link TL-SG2216

    Thanks for your help!!!


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