Exchange Server 2013 behind PFSense

  • Hello,

    I am a new PFSense user and I have managed to install Exchange and PFSense 2.1.3. I can access OWA for exchange from the internet. But, when I try to configure outlook client to use the exchange server, the client halts and seems that it's not getting allowed into exchange. I figured, there must be ports I need to forward but, I have allowed everything at the moment.

    Kindly help me get this done. I can email to and from exchange using OWA but, cannot even configure an outlook client.


  • Exchange 2013 only requires https (443) and smtp (25) to work, and outlook uses rpc over https or mapi over https, so your problem is not with your firewall, it's your exchange config.

    You probably missed some configuration of autodiscovery (DNS, certificate or External URL names)

    I would suggest a MS exchange forum for this question

  • Did you set up split DNS to point to the private IP internally?

  • It's still not working. I followed the guide posted but, it's not working still. I can use OWA properly and cannot even add email accounts into Outlook clients. Any way I can do that?

  • If you can access OWA externally and you set up DNS internally for BOTH autodiscover and the hostname of the mailserver (e.g. and and pointed them at the private IP and not the public IP then something is wrong with your exchange server settings. Research how to configure autodiscover or ask your questions on a MS forum as keyser suggests.

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