Video tutorial for No Audio when using remote extension on Elastix/FreePBX

  • Hi all,

    I had issue with factory and custom firmware on my Asus RT-AC68U where when remotely connected to my Elastix v2.4.0 (FreePBX v2.8.1) via extension I was not getting any audio when calling to check say voicemail *97 using either CSipSimple or Zoiper on my Android phone.
    I could see in CLI call coming in but I was not hearing anything. Installed fresh copy of pfSense and only after disabling source port rewriting I was able to hear and DTMF tones worked also and was not a hit and miss as before.

    Instructions were taken from VoIP Configuration page -
    Hope this video helps someone as I was not able to find any video tutorials how to overcome this common issue and I'm more of a visual learner :)

    Youtube Video


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