Wulti Wan issue on 2.1.3

  • Hello
    I am using pfsense 2.1.3 with multi wan (2) 1 lan 1 dmz. The scope is to direct traffic from lan to wan1, and dmz to wan2. No load balance or fail over. Even though i have managed to route outbound access from these two interfaces to the desired wan, i am experiencing inbound (access_list) issues. When i try to access a lan server from the public wan ip (with nat port forwading) everything works fine, but when i try to do the same on a dmz server fron tha wan2 public ip i get no luck. I believe i must be doing something wrong on the nat statements (i am using automatic outbound) but i have also tried manual statements. I do also believe that the firewall policies are ok (from dmz to wan2) since i get the wan2 public ip address.

    any help??

    Thank you in advanced

  • Hello,
    case solved. I replaced all aliases of dmz with machines ips and works fine.

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