Pls help: blocking p2p (bittorrent) on Layer7 not working

  • I managed to configure PfSense 2.1.2 to block P2P applications but is not working on my end.

    I also have added the rule on Firewall ->Rules->LAN for IPv4 TCP/UDP and

    Please help me on this anyone.

  • Many BitTorrent clients now encrypt their traffic and use random ports. I'm not sure it can be effectively blocked. If a client is doing non-encrypted traffic and using standard ports, it's easy to block.

    Hopefully someone else with more knowledge of how the dropdown in PFSense actually works can pipe in.

  • I guess that could be one probable reason why it is really hard blocking P2P in Layer7 now due to this encryption using random ports.

    As you can see one sample we can site, on bittorrent program by default the encryption is disabled but for other peers it is possible that it is encrypted on their end.

    Others are welcome to chip in their ideas on this. Thanks again Harvy66.

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