Help Please- Probleme with port forwarding

  • Version: 2.1.2-Release

    Hello all…. I have a big problems... the port forwarding not working.

    I Can ping wan adresse with server
    I can ping server with wan adress….

    Somebody have a issues ? Tnx very much for help !! it is the red alert problems...

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    Did you allow it to auto create your wan rule?  This seems to be common mistake, users change the default to not create that wan rule automatically.  And then never create the rule by hand or create it wrong.

    Next common is issue is double nat, and that traffic never gets to pfsense wan to be forwarded on because user doesn't setup the forward or dmz for pfsense wan in the device in front of pfsense doing nat.

    I believe both of these are mentioned in the troubleshooting doc, if not I will edit to include ;)

    Both of those are clearly mentioned in items 1 and 8.

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