Update 2.0.1 to 2.1.3: 'sshd' not started

  • Hello *,

    yesterday i updated my pfsense from 2.0.1 to 2.1.3. At first glance the system seems to be working, but 'sshd' do not start.

    Hardware: Alix 2D13

    The steps for the update:
    *Backup configuration of the 2.0.1 installation via web interface (Backup/Restore)
    *Download nano-edition, verify and 'dd' on a second CF-disk
    *Boot the new image (2.1.3) on a second board of same type (2.0.1 is still running untouched on the first board)
    *Restore configuration via web interface and reboot

    Like i said the systems works well at first glance, but 'sshd' isn't running:

    May  9 20:59:13 pfsense php: sshd: New alert found: pfSense has started creating your SSH keys.  SSH Startup will be delayed.  Please note that reloading the filter rules and changes will be delayed until this operation is completed.

    My config defines an pubkey (ssh-rsa) for user 'admin' and password login is disabled.

    TIA for your help and sorry for my terrible english…

    cu, kanzi

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