Wan Bridge

  • Hi All,

    I got the pfsense set up this way DSL–->Draytek Vigor 120---->Pfsense Rack Edition PPPoE---->network

    Recently we have been having some speed issues, so I wanted to check whether the fault is on our end before we get the ISP engineer in to check our line and charge us stupid money.

    I was trying to replace the Vigor with other modems, but no joy. I get the WAN green arrow but no IP address is being assign to the pfsense.

    Is there an option in pfsense to accept the connection only from specific device with a specific MAC address?? or am I doing something completely wrong??

    I tried Discuss DRG A226G, ZTE ZXVV10 W300 and Linksys WAG54GX2... all in bridge mode but none would work and pfsense wont get the WAN IP address like it does with Vigor 120...

    Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong??

  • By the sound of it, you need to make sure your xDSL modem have PPP pass through or some sort.

  • The linksys manual says this:
    RFC 1483 Bridged, RFC 1483 Routed, IPoA, RFC 2516 PPPoE, RFC 2364 PPPoA, and Bridged Mode Only.

    So I understand I should be choosing the last option?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Is your DSL using PPPoA?
    The V120 has a PPPoA-toPPPoE mode which other modems do not.


  • I thought RFC1483 Bridge Mode translates PPPoE to PPPoA, and that's what the Vigor 120 does…. or am I wrong?
    ALso Vigor 120 got an option of PPPoA Pass through, and my other routers lack this option

  • Netgate Administrator

    Where are you using it? Which firmware?
    Here in the UK the V120 was the only modem I could make work with PPPoA correctly.


  • Steve, also in UK,

    The Vigor got the latest firmware installed… as I said earlier we have some speed issues and I would like to rule out all the possibilities on our end, but trying other routers failed to provide WAN IP to pfsense (latest version).

    Seems like I will have to get another Vigor and see what happens.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Well it is possible to use other modems because others are doing it. It also deppends who your ISP is, many are now offering PPPoE directly. If you look at the V120 config, with the UK firmware in it's default config the mode selected is PPPoA/PPPoE with PPPoE pass-through enabled. RFC1483 is a different mode.


  • my ISP is BT, and I was wondering what other modems can work as Vigor 120, every time I connect one of my spare modems I only get the green up arrow on pfsense WAn and no IP

  • Netgate Administrator

    Like I say I went for the V120 for that exact reason.

    If your WAN interface is a PPPoE connection and you're seeing the green arrow it must be doing something. Check the PPP logs.


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