BINAT OK over IPsec on 2.1?

  • Hello,

    I understand that bidirecting NAT'ing is now supported over IPSec in 2.1?

    So, the procedure to solve a routing conflict for this would be:
 <=pfsense 2.1==>=binat==> <====ipsec====><=remote endpoint=>
                                            (NAT'd local LAN)

    Configure IPSec tunnel as normal on the pfSense side, but in Phase2 under Local Network NAT/BINAT, select Type: 'LAN subnet' and fill in

    Then, after the tunnel establishes, the remote LAN can access the local IPs as follows? -> -> ->

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, NAT+IPsec works fine on 2.1 and later.

    It's close to what you said: Select Type=LAN Subnet, and then in the NAT options directly under that choice, pick Network and then enter

    Firewall rules would still refer to 192.168.1.x (rules after NAT, as always)

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