• I need to forward port 443 to my OW internal so i can reach it external.
    can you please put me on the right direction ?
    do i need to allow the port on the firewall and Nat it ?
    or only need to allow it on the firewall , Nat is already automaticaly ?

    Thank you

  • If your firewall isn't in bridge mode and you don't use 1:1 NAT you have to forward 443 to the internal IP of the OWA frontend.
    But 443 is also the default port to access pfSense webconfigurator over https. Assure that your webconfigurator isn't listening on your WAN IP on 443! Otherwise the port will not be forwarded.

  • thank you sir.
    no my Pfsense is not open to the internet.
    its working now thank you sir,