Can't get anything out from a new install

  • The drive in my firewall failed, so after installing a replacement, I'd to reinstall the system (2.1.2 at present).

    But nothing's getting out with just the default rules.

    I thought at first I might have got the ethernet ports swapped around, but not so.

    Evidently I made some kind of bad choice when doing the basic config, but I can't find it.

  • If you've done a new install and you can get to the WebGUI at but nowhere else, then the system is working perfectly  ;)

    The basic install doesn't allow any outbound traffic.  You have to go to Firewall->Rules->LAN and add a rule to allow outbound traffic.

    Just a small note, hard drive failures are just one of the many reasons to always keep a backup of your config.xml file  :)

  • It looks to me as though there's a default rule that lets everything get out ("default allow lan to any rule").  What am I missing?

    (I did actually dump the ruleset to xml even though it was only about a dozen rules.  Unfortunately, a search hasn't turned it up yet.)

  • Can you post your current rules for WAN and LAN?

    We can take a look and perhaps see what's up.

  • They're just the default rules.

    pass   * * * LAN Address 80 * *   Anti-Lockout Rule
    IPv4 * LAN net * * * * none  Default allow LAN to any rule 
    IPv6 * LAN net * * * * none        Default allow LAN IPv6 to any rule

  • What happens if you try (assuming you have a PC command prompt):


    What responses do you get?

    Can you login to the WebGUI?

  • I did finally get it working, thanks.

  • More for everyone's general knowledge, do you know what the problem was in the end?