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  • I have been looking for a way to monitor our BGP session status, and since the OpenBGPD generates messages that show up in the System Logs, it looks like a nice way to get instant changes on status.  However, it appears the only way to get these OpenBGPD log entries to be sent out via Syslog is to select Everything in the Remote Logging Options - it's not actually good enough to select every check box, these messages appear to be grouped into a category that isn't available to check individually (initially I thought they were with Firewall).  So, I am asking if anyone knows a way to enable the log messages from the System > Routing section to be sent via syslog without choosing Everything (I don't want to flood my server with every single firewall event).

    Thanks in advance.


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    At the moment, that's not possible. It's only possible to get those by checking 'everything'.

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    I don't have OpenBGP installed so I can't take a look at the script. From a google search I turned up this script



    I was looking at the [ [b]/etc/ ] script I noticed the following

    if [ ! -f $file ]; then
                    echo "Could not download ${url}" | logger

    So I tested this out on from the commandline

    [ [b]echo "Test message" | logger ]

    and the following "USER: Test Message" appears in the System Log.

    So maybe you can manually code that script and add [ [b]| logger ] if at all possible?

    (It won't survive firmware updates.)

    Just a thought. If there are any other options for the logger command, I would appreciate any other insight.

  • Hey Jim, in your last reply, you said "currently" this is not possible.  Does that mean it may be changed at some point in the future to be included under another category or Routing as it's own?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, we may decide to add it to its own category or similar (or someone may submit a pull request) to add it into 2.2 or later.

  • Yay!!!  ;D  That would be awesome and a huge help!!!  Selecting Everything in the Syslog categories adds a few Mbps of traffic to my Syslog server.  haha

    Thanks Jim.

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