Squid/Sarg truthful?

  • I have a captive portal, and log all users who come through it with some code in the index file, which prints to file.

    Every users who authenticates is logged, so I can see who has been on during a day.

    If I look through the Sarg logs, created from the Squid logs, it shows several IP addresses that do not appear in my captive portal list, and I am pretty sure it is capturing everything.  The timestamp on the Squid log line matches the day.


    Can a user circumvent the captive portal somehow (other than via MAC and IP binding in the GUI?).
    Does Squid do some odd things?

    Any clues?


  • Ignore me  :o

    I have a small error in my code (OK major), which is saving my log files a day behind….

    All the IP's I see were yesterdays.

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