Allowing full access both ways for a single IP on the Lan?

  • Any way to get pfsense to allow traffic to pass thru to a single IP on the lan without interference? There is an application on my phone that cannot access it's server, due to pfsense.

  • Is your phone running SIP?  If so, you really need sipproxy in place to do the SIP protocol translations to have them adjust to your natted wan port address.

    Another solution is to run a VPN between locations so you don't have SIP translation issues or connect to a Proxy.  In the Proxy case, make sure keep alives are in place so the connection isn't closed by the router or your phone will periodically not accept inbound calls until the sip device re-registers and opens the state back up.

    If you have an additional IP address, you could set up a 1:1, but that would be my last choice.

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